Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mooli Parathas /Flat bread with Radishes

Mooli is the hindi name for radish, in USA its known as daikon and Mulangi in kannda. While growing up in Mysore (my home town) we got lots of fresh white radishes, so my mom made sambars and raithas with it, and we all like it. After getting married, I came to know that my hubby didn't like radish. So I hardly prepared anything with it.

Like many parathas, I discovered mooli paratha after I started blogging. Since it was a new recipe to me, I did try it once and for my surprise, he did like the parathas. So from there on I make use of the fresh radishes, when ever I get in the store.

I have previously tried stuffing them, I find mixing everything in one bowl, is much more convenient to me. So this is how I make these Parathas.

Ingredients :
  • Radish - 1 big grated (about 1 cup,look for fresh and crisp radishes when buying them)
  • Green/Spring onions - 2or 3 springs (optional, I use this to give nice color and mild onion flavor)
  • Cilantro/coriander leaves - one hand full chopped
  • Spices : Turmeric, Cumin seeds, Red chili powder - 1tsp each
  • Whole wheat flour/ atta flour - 2 cups + more for dusting and kneading if needed.

  1. Peel skin and grate radish ( i use large hole grater,so the mixture won't be very watery), finely chop onions and cilantro. mix everything with spices mentioned above, add some salt and keep for 10 min.
  2. Then add wheat flour mix well to combine, add little oil and knead well. Since radish leave lots of liquid, i have not used any water.
  3. Once it forms to stiff dough , cover and leave for 10 more Min's.
  4. If you find the dough is sticky, add more flour and knead well and make small balls with it and roll to small,thin circles.
  5. Heat a griddle/tava on medium high heat, once hot transfer the rolled paratha and cook for a min or so on each side until you see small brown blisters( don't leave rotis too long, flip/turn to other side as soon as see little bubbles). If its too dry add little oil while cooking.

We had ours with spicy chili pickle and some curds/yogurt. Enjoy !

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