Saturday, November 1, 2008

Recipe Marathon # 2

Dhivya of DK's culinary bazaar has come up with an event for cooking and posting recipes non-stop for 30 days starting tomorrow Nov 1 and ends Nov 30th. I decided to challange myself to join the craziness of cooking, clicking and posting recipes each day for next 30 days. I don't have any theme, i'll be posting the recipes that I cook on that day or one I have cooked the previous night.

Also joining me are 23 other blog friends, by the end of this month, we all will have cooked up more than 500 recipes. So Ladies, I wish you all the best.

Here are the names of Fellow bloggers who are also running Recipe Marathon with me.

Checkout the recipes of other Marathoners.

1. DK 2. Siri 3. Srivalli 4. Ranji 5. PJ 6. Curry Leaf 7. Medha 8. Priya 9. Bhawna 10. Raaji 11. Anu 12. Kamala 13. Roopa 14. Divya Kudua 15.Rekha 16.Divya M 17.Lakshmi 18.Raaga 19.Lakshmi Venkatesh 20.Sripriya 21.Viji 22.Kamalika 23.Pavani

Let have fun cooking !

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