Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Look Back and Best Recipes of 2008

Today is the last day of the year 2008, there is no better way to end the year, than by taking a look at the good memories I (we) had this past year, by writing and sharing with you all.

This was a very good year for me. The year stared with a resolution(as always) to make life little healthier by eating healthy and exercising at least 2-3 days a week. To keep up with it I took a online course on Fitness and Nutrition(to expand my knowledge on nutrition) and am still studying on it. And I also joined aerobic classes which I am doing pretty much regularly.
One highlight about food, this year is the boxes of Organic produce we are getting each week, which I look forward to cook with every week.

Personally it was a good year as well, first 6 months of the year I traveled a lot and stayed in India for almost 4 months, attending weddings, baby showers, festivals and welcoming a new member to our own family( my sister's baby), got to meet a few good old, long lost friends, through Orkut. Totally it was fun times with family, friends and food of course.

My little one started her Pre-school this year, its a milestone for me. When I think year goes by so fast,Life goes by even faster..I still remember my first day of school, and now I am sending my kid to school. During all this, Blogging took a back seat.

After my long vacation, it was Marathon(DK's Recipe Marathon) time. It was nice warm up for me to get back to blogging again and challenge myself to cook and post non-stop for 30 days. It was very fun. Last thing I did was, moving from Wordpress to Blogspot, due to more options and things I get to do on Blogspot.

All in all, it was a fabulous year, I will be looking forward to spend more time with family, friends and cooking healthy food in the coming year.
Thank you all Readers, foodie friends for your comments. I appreciate your time.

Here is a look at a few of the recipes from my 2008 Posts. These are all the recipes I tried for the first time and making them as healthy and wholesome as possible.

Cornmeal Idlis

Palak Paneer

Pear Crumble

Off this goes to Srivalli's Best of 2008 event.


  1. What a collection and feast for the eyes! Wish you a fabulous New Year!

  2. all collections are really superab yaar...i bookmarked all of them

  3. What a lovely collection mandu...thanks and wishes for a great year ahead!

  4. love to try those fritters. best of wishes for the new year.

  5. great collection madhu each and every recipe looks so yum yum