Thursday, December 31, 2009


Day 6 of 7 days of Recipe Marathon.

Phulkas are the softest of all Indian flat-breads with out the use of any oil. They are made to puff up by the heat(fire), which creates a air pocket in between, hence making the bread very soft.

Few days back, one of my dear friend suggested me, to blog about Phulkas and gave me the recipe and procedure for making them. I did follow her recipe, and did some trail and error and finally was able to get the Phulkas right.

3 things to keep in mind while making Phulkas, 1. kind of flour we use ( Indian atta are the best kind), 2. kneading them to stiff dough and rolling them to circle just about palm size. 3. dry roasting them on tava/griddle and then putting them on a open flame, and let it puff.


  • All-purpose flour/maida - 1 cup
  • Wheat flour - 1/2 cup
  • Water - about 3/4 cup (to knead the dough.)
*Due to the non-availability of Indian atta, I have used the above proportion of wheat and all -purpose flour.

Mix the flour with little water at a time to make to stiff dough. cover and let is sit for at least an hour. This makes the dough soft and will be easy to work with.

Making Phulkas :

  1. Once ready to make the Phulkas. Make small ball ( lime size) roll them not bigger than palm size, and don't roll them too thin.
  2. Heat tava/ griddle to medium high heat. Put the rolled dough on the tava, when you see small bubbles (half cooked) turn them around.
  3. Roast the other side for just few seconds.

  4. Then with the help of tongues or a spatula put (first side/top side down) on the open flame and it will puff, with in a few seconds (don't allow it sit for too long, it will burn). Take out as soon as it puffs. Refer pic above.
  5. Follow the same steps and do with the rest of the dough. Keep the left overs closed in a box, stay soft up to a day.

Serve warm with favorite sidedish. Enjoy !

I owe a Big thank you to my dear friend Suju, I wouldn't have made it otherwise.

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  1. Pillowy soft Phulkas are the best! Goegeous clicks!

  2. phulkas at my side too..but with koftas..Lov the way they puff up..remember in the film anjali, revathy used to make some and I've been mesmerized since then..

  3. great phulkas, we have them practically everyday...thanks to gas!!
    fire does make a difference in the taste of these phulkas.

  4. lovely pictorial,...this is something which i have to still master,making perfect phulkas,..:-)

  5. Having seen this puffing blogs in many blogs, want to try this out soon!

  6. I make them daily....lovely bread to hv with any curry

  7. Phulkas are a must-have for me, but ever since I have come to the US, I haven't made them as we don't have a gas burner :( I miss them so!! Lovely, soft-little phulkas madhu!