Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aloo Paratha (Potato flatbread)

Day 5 of 7 days of Recipe Marathon.

Paratha/Parotha is a wheat flour flat bread mostly stuffed with potatoes(aloo) or mixed vegetables and spices. This tastes good on its own, no side dishes required. I like making this when we travel. Simple and satisfying meal on the go. But at home we like to eat this with a cup of Curds/yogurt and little pickle(Indian pickle) on the side.

Making aloo Paratha requires 2 steps,
1. Making the dough &
2. Making stuffing (Aloo Palya/curry).

Making Dough :

  • All purpose flour (Maida)- 2cups
  • Wheat flour - 1/2 cup
  • Salt - 1tsp
  • Water - about 1 cup

Add salt to maida & wheat flour, then add water little by little to make a stiff dough. Knead well to soft and cover and keep it aside until ready to stuff them.

For Aloo/Potato Stuffing :

  • Potatoes - 3 medium size ( boiled and skin peeled)
  • Onion- 1 medium size(chop finely)
  • Spices - 1/2 tsp of each Red chili powder, Turmeric and Garam masala.
  • Oil - 2 tbsp
  • Salt to taste.
  1. Boil potatoes. Once cooled, peel the skin and mash them and keep aside.
  2. Heat oil, when hot add finely chopped onions. Cook them until it soft .
  3. Add all the spices and salt. Switch off and add the mashed potatoes. Mix well to combine.
  4. Adjust salt. Let it cool.
  5. Make small balls and keep them ready.

Making Parathas.

1. Make a medium to big size balls out of the dough, roll them to small circle shape.

2.Now take a aloo stuffing and put it in the middle. Bring all the sides together and press them in the middle.

3.Now roll them gently to a small to medium size circle.Use dry flour if require for rolling.

4.Then roast them on a heated pan/tawa for few seconds on each size. I like to cut them into small wedges and serve. Enjoy when warm.

* Making stuffed Paratha takes bit time, sometimes stuffing tends to peep out of the dough. So to keep the stuffing inside, roll the dough to smaller size and bit thick than usual flat breads. I am still learning to make a perfect round shaped Parathas, I need more practice and have to make them as often as possible.

Recipe Marathon : Day 1- Chapatis , Day 2- Jodala Rotti , Day 3- Homemade Bread, Day 4- Naan.


  1. parathas look ready to go ruchi..grabbing one and running :)

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  4. @ Gul.. It does looks like a Christmas tree, now I see it..May be a Potato tree.. :)

  5. Yum Yum.:) I can have aloo parathas day and night.. they look so delicious Madhu :)

    Wishing you & your family a very Happy New Year..


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  13. I can have aloo parathas anytime of the day! Whenever I go home to Pune, my mum makes them every morning ... I come back nice, and fat .. but don't mind it in the least! Lovely recipe Madhu. I like the addition of onions in this stuffing ... they taste so great when toasted on the griddle!