Saturday, February 9, 2008

Methi-Onion Chapathis

My mother makes this for morning breakfast/tiffin. Back in Mysore(my home town) a lady used to bring fresh green to the door steps every morning, mom used to by fresh bunches of methi leaves(menthi soppu as we call in kannada) atleast once a week to make this kind of chapathis. Now when I think back those simple things like getting veggies and fresh greens at your doorsteps feels like luxuary.

Here in Barrow, Alaska its dream to get fresh methi leaves in grocery store. I have used dried methi leaves a.k.a kasuri methi for making this. Its very aromatic and onions gives little crunch and sweetness to chapathis. One can eat these chapathis on its own, good for lunch boxes or while travelling. Sometimes I use boiled and mashed potatoes to mix with this, adding potatoes makes it even more softer.

So here is what I used to make.

  • 2 cups- whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup - dried methi leaves
  • 1 medium- onion
  • 1 tsp-salt and red chilli powder
  • 2 tsp oil
  1. Chop onion very finely, heat oil when hot add onion and methi leaves fry untill onion is soft and tanslucent. Now add salt and chilli powder, let it cool then mix with wheat flour to a stiff dough adding little water at a time. Keep it covered for atleast 15 mins.
  2. Then you can roll them into chapathis. Above measurements makes about 8 medium size chapathis.

* Using fresh methi leaves gives much more flavour. Chop onion very finely so it combines well with the flour.

Tomato-Onion Gojju

Tomato-onion gojju is made most in my kitchen, it goes with everthing like dosa, idly, rotti ,rice ,chapathis and even as a spread on bread. I always keep onions and tomatos on hand. It can be made very quickly and tastes delicous. For the first time I tried cherry tomatoes for making this gojju it tasted awesome like really gojju. Same can also be made using capsicum(bell peppers), spring onions and eggplants.


  • Tomatoes- 25 cherry tomatoes( or 3- roma tomatoes)
  • Onion- 1 medim
  • Sambar powder- 1tbsp (can used chilli powder)
  • Jaggery - 1tsp (or brown sugar)
  • Salt as for taste
  • Clilantro leaves for garnish- a handful
  • Oil- 1tbsp

*I used little bit of tamarind paste, while using roma tomatoes to give a little tanginess.

  1. Heat oil in a pan , when hot add onion saute it untill soft then add tomatoes cover and cook untill its soft. It takes very less time to cook tomatoes.
  2. Now add sambar powder, jaggery and salt cover and cook till all the flavours combines well and turn off the heat and garnish with cilantro leaves. Its ready to be served.

*If veggies are dry add water while adding sambar powder. I haven't added any water while making mine,juices from tomatoes were enough for the consistancy.

I made this for our lunch today and had this with tomato-onion gojju and with some home made curd/yougurt. I consider this as a healthy meal and will send it to Suganya's Tasty Palettes for WBB-Healthy Eats.

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