Thursday, February 28, 2008

Apple-Cheese Sandwich for Kids

I make cheese sandwiches for my daughter for her evening snack, recently I started to add fruits to that. I got this idea of using fruits, from a kids magazine. My daughter likes apple in it because of its crunchness. I have also made with strawberries and kiwi. This is very easy and healthy meals for kids.

Will send this to Vanamala for Kid's Food Event.

Here is the recipe
  • Apple - Green few sclices
  • Chedder cheese- 1 slice
  • Bread- 2 slices(whole wheat)
  • Cinnamon sugar and honey- 1tsp
  • Butter- 1tsp

Slice Apples, remove the skin if it is tough to chew. Arrange apple slices, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on one slice of bread. On other bread add cheese slice and spread honey or jam. Close them and spread little butter or oilve oil and roast on tava /griddle on low medium heat untill cheese melts. Cut in the middle and serve.


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