Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rave Idly-Kadalebele Chutney


For RCI-Karnataka hosted by Asha of Foodie's hope, I'll be making some of my favorite breakfast or as we call it morning tiffin. So this week its all tiffin items.

Rave(soji,semolina) idly or mosaru(curd,yogurt) idly its called, is one of my favorite rava dishes. To this day at my mother's house its rava item on Monday mornings, its either upiitu (upma) 80% of the time or rave-mosaru idly. During school day every Monday morning I was hoping it would be rave idly instead of upiitu.

So here is the recipe for very simple and satisfying Rave or mosaru idly.

  • Curds - 2 cups (I make at home, with low fat milk)
  • Rava(Upma rava) - 2 cups
  • Oil- 1tbsp, channa dal-1tsp, curry leaves, cumin-mustard-1tsp, Carrot- 1/2cup Grated. Can also add corriander leaves and green chillies.
* This measurement make about 16 idlies.

Method :
  1. Heat oil in a vessel, when hot add mustard, cumin and channadal and curry leaves, then add rava and fry till light brown or untill raw smell of rave is gone(Can make this part night before and in morning just add curds and make idlies).
  2. When the rave mixture is cool enough add 1 cup of curd and mix and keep aside for 10 mins or so. Rave will absorb all the moisture from rave and becomes like a thick dough
  3. When ready to make idlies add the remaining curds and make like thick batter and pour over greased idly moulds.(If its too thick add little water or more curds)
  4. Steam them for about 20 mins.
  5. Let it cool for a while before taking from the Idly moulds (allowing it to cool makes eldy come off easily without sticking to the moulds).
  6. We had it with kadalebele(channa dal) chutney.
Kadalebele chutney.

ing-channadal-chutney.jpg channadal-chutney.jpg

Channadal 3/4 th cup, red onion- 1 small, garlic-1pod, tamrind water/paste- 2tbsp, red chillies -2 and salt.

  1. Fry all the above ingredints one by one with little oil and when cool grind it using tamarind water or plain water.
  2. Do the tempering with oil, mustard seeds.
Enjoy with idlies.

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