Monday, August 27, 2007

Raddish Raitha with Cumin.


I use cumin in my cooking almost daily either in form of seeds for tempering or in powder form for curries or rasam. For red-raddish raitha(Mulangi pachadi in kannada) I have used cumin in both forms as a whole seeds and powder.

Recipe is very simple..

Curd/yogurt - 1 cup (i used low fat home made yogurt)

Veggies - Radish 2 small grated, tomato - 1 and red onion- about 2 tbsp

For tempering : Oil- tsp, cumin(freshly made) powder-1/2 tsp each and cumin seed 1 tsp.

Salt for taste


  • Grate, chop veggies and add this too yogurt.

  • Dry fry cumin seeds on medium heat for minute or so and using mortar and pestle, couresly pound cumin.

  • Heat oil add cumin seeds when is start crackling switch off the heat and add red chilli and cumin powder(Adding powders to the hot oil enhances the flavour).Immedietly add to veggi-yogurt mixture.

  • Mix well and serve.

When eating raitha you can taste crunchy cumin seeds with smokey aroma of cumin powder. Raitha goes well with rice or as side for chapthis. Simple, healthy and tasty.


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