Saturday, January 12, 2008

Black-Eye Peas Pakoda

I had some left over cooked black-eye peas in my fridge from last 3 days. And I was thinking to add that to veggies when I made curries. Its almost weekend and I am out of vegetables, so no curries untill I go and get some fresh produce.

For lunch today I made rice and tomato sambar, was feeling like having something crunchy with that so just thought of making pakoda with black-eye peas(1 cup cooked), so sliced some red onions(1 meduim) and green chillies(1 ) mixed to leftover peas and added 2 tsp of rice flour(for crispiness) and salt to taste. Deep fried in the hot oil for 3-4 mins, untill crisp on outside.

It tasted like pakoda and as well as vada(channadal kind), very different and delicious at the same time. I thought of naming it as 'Vakoda' :), since it looks like pakoda I stick with that.

*Since I have used cooked peas, peas were soft when bite into it and crispy at the same time from onions.

Have a nice Weekend .

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