Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apples,Almonds and Cardamom Shake.

We get quite a few Apples in our veggie box each week. None of us are big fan of eating apples, so once a week to finish of those apples off, I make milk shakes with it.
Today, I happened to have a few soaked Almonds(Badami), so added them along with the Apples. Almonds gives very rich, sweet and delicious taste to the milk shake.
Along with Apples and Almonds I added few Cardamom seeds, it compliments almonds and apples very much with its aromatic flavor and sweet taste. 

So here is a delicious and nutritious recipe with Apples.

Ingredients I have used :
  • Apples - 4
  • Cold Milk - 1 cup (Boiled and cooled)
  • Sugar - 4 tsp ( add more for more sweetness)
  • Almonds -  about 2 tbsp ( soaked and skin removed, this is optional)
  • Cardamom (Elakki)- Seeds lightly crushed from 2 pods

  1. Wash, peel the skin and remove seeds and chop apples to big bite size pieces.
  2. If using Almonds(soaked), peels the skin as well.
  3. Remove the outer skin, take the seed out of Cardamom and crush them lightly.
  4. Take all the ingredients mentioned above, add milk and sugar.
  5. Blend till smooth in a mixer/blender. Add more milk or water to make to desired consistency.Adjust sugar level.
 Enjoy !

* I keep Apples and milk  in Fridge for few hours before making shakes to make it cold.
For even more colder shake, use crushed ice cubes or ice-cream.


  1. Woww wat a refreshing and rich shake..looks super delicious..thanks for sending Madhu..

  2. We three love apple as well milkshake.:)..nice click Madhu..

  3. My fav shake...Looks creamy and delicious...

  4. A healthy and delicious combo shake.

  5. Lovely combo - and nutritious too!!

  6. Apple shake sounds healthy and yummy.Nice click.

  7. Happy Vishu!

    Shake-o-Shake ;) Healthy drink.Heard summer is so hot this year..

  8. Apple ,almonds ,cardamom n what not this shake would have tasted divine n lovely pic in between.Got to try it soon .Thanks for the recipe dear.

  9. That is an excellent way to use apples! Love the shake!

  10. One of my's been a while since I had this...drooling now :-)

  11. A perfect drink for the coming summer.