Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Simple Dessert - Rasayana


Rasayana is commonly made dessert in Mysore region. During festivals its given as 'prasada' at temples. At my mom's house its usually made day after festivals from all the fruits used as offering for god.

No special occasion at my house, had to finish off the banannas before its fully ripen and after many days I happen to have both jaggery and fresh coconut. So had this yesterday after dinner.


Ripe Bananna 2-3 or as much as you like

Jaggery few table spoon(grated or powdered)

Coconut few table spoon

Cardamom seeds chrushed (optional)


Slice bananna into bit size pieces, sprinkle jaggery, coconut and cardamom powder.

Toss/mix gently and eat. Scoop of ice-cream on top tastes even more better. Enjoy!

* In some houses its also called 'Sakkare balehannu'(sugar bananna) . Substitute sugar(indian kind crystal sugar) with jaggery.

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