Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ragi Mudde


Ragi Mudde with Spinach Sambar

Ragi(red millet) Mudde/rounds/balls is popular in south Karnataka. Growing up, both my mother side of the family or my father side of the family didn't do this often. But once in a while my mom used to make this with a request from me and my sister.

After getting married, at my husband's house this was a everyday lunch. My mother in law makes the best ragi mudde traditional way( adding ragi flour directly to the boiling water). For my husband this is the best and satisfying meal of the day. After we got married I came to know that my husband loves mudde, so after coming to the states I called my MIL and asked the for the recipe and method to do mudde. I did try and it was a big flop. It seems easy adding ragi flour to boiling water and keep stiring....but ragi forms to a hard lumps if not stired properly. I didn't want to give tried each week..but I couldn't make it. My mother does it slightly different by mixing water to ragi flour and then adding to boiling water(to avoid forming lumps). Next time I tried this way and it came out fine. So for some time I did make using my mothers method. After few years I wanted to do MIL's method and tried again......still couldn't do it and to this day I can't. Still thinking to try and make it traditional way .....

After many many tries from last 5 years now I can confidently say I can make Ragi mudde but not the traditional way.

So here is how I make it.

Measurement is important to get right consistancy.

1 cup/measure of Ragi flour

2 cups/ measure of water( 1 cup for boiling and 1 cup for mixing with ragi flour)



Take 1 cup fo ragi and equal amount of water and mix it to a smooth paste.


Consistancy should be thick as the picture above when mixed with water.


Meanwhile bring water to high boil, when water starts to boil add the ragi mixture.


Keep stiring it untill it all comes together(I use wooden spatula to stir it). Then kneed and transfer to a bowl/plate. Allow it to cool a bit.


By wetting you hands with little water, press the dough and make them to a round shaped balls. Thats it Ragi mudde is done.

For first timers.....this method works wonderfully. Let me know if any one tries this way.


  1. Ruchii, not sure why there are no comments for this! This recipe has to be, by far, the most important contribution to kannada-speaking raagi-mudde eating immigrants! Thanks to you I have been making unbelievably easy and fast raagi mudde whenever I feel like. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing this remarkable recipe!!!

  2. @ Admi... Thanks for you nice words, and this is easy way of making them for beginers. I am glad you tried and liked it.
    I Moved all of my postes from my previous blog to this new blog so you are not able to see any previous comments, and yes, I did get lots of support and appreciation for this karnataka dish from my readers.
    Thanks to you as well, for taking time to comment, appreciate it :).

  3. Hey, I did comment after making the mudde this way. Now I am a professional!!! Thank you Madhu. If you give me your email address I can send you a picture of the classy muddes that I made. Yvonne

  4. thanks. Made my first raggi mudde after reading this. Think I put too much water. But overall it was a success and I ate it with yummy drumstick sambar!

  5. This is an awesome way to make Mudde..One question..How do we know when it is finally done or how long do you keep stirring the mix?