Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pumkin Soup


I had this butternut squash in my fridge for almost 3 weeks. After seeing Arjuna's Pumkin-carrot soup I wanted to try it so brought it and yestered I finally used it for making soup. Check out Arjuna's recipes here.

I made this for evening, instead of our regular coffee/tea. I used the recipe of tomoto soup wanted to make it simple at possible. I was perfect for the rainy evening and we had it with tosted garlic bread (store brought).


Pumkin/butternut squash 2 cups (cooked till soft)

Butter 1 tsp

Cloves 3

Cinammon 2 small peices

Red chilli powder 1 tsp

Black pepper 2 tsp.


Peel and cut into cubes and pressure cook the squash till soft. When cool mash it nicely.

Heat a sauce pan, add butter when it starts to melt add spices cloves and cinnamon. then add mashed squash.

Then add about 4-5 cups of water( less or more water according to your desired consistancy). Bring it to a boil and add chilli powder and black pepper and salt.

After 5-6 min. Switch off the heat. It ready. Adjust salt and spice to desired tasted.


I like lots of black pepper . So used black pepper as a garnish. Enjoy.

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