Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Olive chutney

I brought a can of olives and sun-dried tomatoes long ago to use them as a topping, that is when I make pizza at home. But that day never came, so I wanted to try something new using olives. The first thing came to my mind was 'how about chutney? ' so I decided to give it a try. I used Olives, sun-dried tomato and chili(can't make any chutney without chili). Never tasted this combination before so I was curious as well as anxious to know how it will turn out. To my surprise it was a fabulous combination of little sweet,tangy and spicy.

It goes well as a spread on toast or can use as a base for sanwich with little cheese on top or can also use this as a spread on pizza dough(which i'll be trying very soon).

So here is how I made it.

Ingredients (recipe similar to Tapanade)

Olives I used one hand full (Pitted olives)
Sun-dried Tomatoes 3 (which was in oilve oil)
Green Chilli 1 small
Salt According to taste.


Put everthing in a blender and grind into course paste.

Moisture from canned olives and sun-dried tomatoes in oilve oil, helps to grind into paste. Adjust salt according to taste.

I used this chutney as a spread on a bread toast. It tasted very well. Enjoy!

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