Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vegetables in Sesame-Cashew sauce

I use Sesame seeds (Ellu) in most of my gravy/curries quite often. I usually pair this with roasted peanuts/groundnuts, but this time I tried something different and paired with Cashews.
Both of these are lightly toasted with cinnamon, cloves and dried red Chiles for some spice and flavor and mixed with veggies like onion,tomato, potato and bell peppers.
Sesame seeds and Cashews makes the gravy/curry very rich and cream in taste.

Ingredients :

Vegetables I have used : Onion, tomato, Potato and Bell peppers (capsicum) - 1 each chopped into bit size pieces.

Lightly toast and grind :

  • Sesame seeds (Ellu) - 2 tbsp.
  • Cashew nuts (godambi) - 2 tbsp.
  • Cinnamon & cloves (chekke-lavanga)- 2 each.
  • Dried red chilli - 1or 2

Others : Oil - 2 tsp, turmeric - 1/2 tsp and salt to taste.

  1. Wash and chop vegetables to bit size pieces.
  2. Lightly toast the above mentioned ingredients, let it cool and then grind them to fine powder, keep them ready.
  3. Heat a pan, add oil when hot add turmeric and then add chopped veggies and fry for few mins, until half cooked.
  4. Then add ground sesame-cashew mixture. Add enough water, salt.
  5. Cover and cook until veggies are cooked though about 10 - 15 min. Keep stirring in between to make sure it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan.
  6. Adjust salt, mix well. Garnish with few cilantro leaves and top with few toasted sesame seeds (this is optional).

Serve warm with Rotis or rice. Enjoy !

Sending this to Priya's Cooking with the Seeds event.


  1. Curry looks rich and creamy. Sesame seeds parimala superagi bartha irbeku alwa..

  2. wow..this is something new..sesame and cashew..looks very nice..

  3. I use sesame seeds in many of my curries too. With cashew looks so creamy and yummy!

  4. Needless to say they will be tasty!

  5. I love the combo of sesame and nuts in any gravy..I m sure it would taste really yummy

  6. Delectable dish, with sesame and cashew together needless to say how they would have tasted...thanks for sending CWS..

  7. Very innovative..Looks so rich , creamy and yummy!!!!

  8. Nutty sauce sounds good and healthy too. Ellu and gerubeeja is unique combo. I use more poppy seeds than ellu, ellu is good for us! :))

  9. Wow. Sakkat aagide.Baayalli neeru baruttaide.
    Nanagu swalpa kalisu.

  10. Looks delicious ! Loved the sesame- cashew mixture for this curry :-)

  11. i love the flavor profile in this curry. When i read the title i thought it was an indo-chinese recipe :)

  12. Oh wow such a new gravy method! Very rich and delicious of course :)

  13. I love the taste of sesame in any sauce. Pairing with cashew is new to me. Gotta try! Looks good, Madhu!!

  14. Cashew , Sesame combo in vegetables looks superb.

  15. First time here.. loved everything.. all ur recipes are mouthwatering.. I am following u ..will be here often to view ur yummilicious recipes.